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The Fire Within

Updated: May 13, 2021

The flame of fire reminds me of the continuous presence passing, moment by moment.

The boy was sat by the fireplace, the sunbeams glimmering against the wall by his back. He went inside to leave his friends with their games and sat down to write out a little of his creative load. In appreciation for the flame, which gave him and his colleagues the means to stay warm and comfortable for this weekend getaway, while the temperature outside was still far from spring-like one, he decided to ponder on the subject of experiencing the fire. We are seeing the presence passing by he pointed out the day before, while they were standing around the bonfire, the flame is the energy created with the burning. Like the passing of time, which we don’t always notice. His friend didn’t respond to the statement. They fell silent for some time, contemplating the gracious dance of the fire. Humans were always fascinated with fire the boy noted, initially it was due to the tremendous power it gave them, to fight away the dangers and stay warm. But nowadays we’re still very much so mesmerized by it he added quietly. He wondered to what extent this phenomenon of the crackling sparks of fiery red was observed from the objective rather than the deep, subjective mind of one. Sitting against the warming comfort he scribbled sentences of pondering and intuition, letting the flames within his soul dance along the subtle rhythm.


There is a fire inside each one of us he acclaimed thinking of the amazing life energy, which fuelled by nutritious meals, water, and supported by the oxygen, gave the ability to creatures all over the world, and most likely the universe. There might be also that subconscious, conceptual fire within each human he added, which drives our thriving and longing for the unobtainable in the present moment. It is that flame, which burns creating energy whenever we act out our needs and wants he concluded. It was his own opinion and one that didn’t need approval from another, because ultimately in the diversity of people there was the innate ability to create their perceptions of each state and matter. He felt it to be true and admired the abundance of variety, which excelled in any part of the living world. As he once heard, either from a book or a lecture, which treated on the subject of diversity, no grain of sand is the same, no flake of snow copies another, and similarly, no one person is ever same as the next one. This concept gave him strength, whenever his small self would cry out of inadequacy, weakness, or lack, which was aroused by the observance of another person’s achievements and life choices. There was also a great deal of responsibility, which came with such obvious, yet so often missed, conclusion, with this power of difference comes the responsibility to understand and act on behalf of our greatest good, which rarely is easy to decide upon.


He looked at the fire and thought about the active care, which had to be given, to keep the flame alive. Whenever one represses their needs, instead of pursuing their fruition he added, one creates the suffocating sensation, which can weaken or even put out the fire inside…


Writing down his thoughts he realized just how many of his ideas arose spontaneously and without the predisposed planning. Looking at the fireplace he once more connected the conceptualized flame with the inner dialogue and act. Like the energetic load exerted in this burning, my creativity takes its course only going up, with the thoughts arising from within every second. He hesitated, digesting the way his thinking went. As arising only can come upwards, the process of expression is one of surfacing and choosing in each moment, without a specified technique. Like the fire burning wood without a predictable direction, the thoughts spilled onto the page follow no particular order. He sighed out, feeling the strange and beautiful expression taking its course. That is what being in the zone, or the flow feels like he concluded, the burning in the moment, present becoming past - noticed with each movement of the eye, which percieves the newly written word.

Like the fire burning without, the fire burns within, without a stop he thought, but we got to take care of it, to not let it go out.

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*art by Katarzyna Druszcz

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