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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Start by deciding the deadline and the goal accomplished by then, he thought, and then do little each day and see just how much you underestimated yourself…


Flipping the final page of the book the boy didn’t feel much different. Yet another book read. Nothing special. At least he thought so. Getting up from the bed, on which he has spent the past hour, he went to the kitchen and initiated the coffee brewing process. Standing over the cafetiere, he pondered on the message, that the book conveyed. Philosophically heavy, this work written by Henry David Thoreau was a unique take on the solitary life. On a simple life. An insightful message of simplicity and minimalism written about two centuries ago, by a man who opposed slavery and didn’t want to pay taxes to support it. The writer, whose daily routines and endeavours were abundantly described by the pages of his work, concentrated at the time on realising the true potential of his contemplative mind, while creating around him the space of quiet and simplicity, which would enhance such attempt. He stated a thesis going away from the proverbial ‘civilisation’ and quickly realised the emerging power of focus and attentive living when the distractive outside became but a memory. The boy pondered on such a feat, considering all the difficulties and uncomfortable aspects of living away from everyone and anyone the author decided to leave behind. Focused attention makes achievement easier to attain, he remembered a little quote from Jim Rohn’s lecture. If you put your mind to something fully, your efforts will inevitably multiply…


Allowing the brew to make its way up the metal straw, he quietly walked over to his room and picked up the notebook, in which his goals, ideas, and achievements were neatly written. At the beginning of the year, or maybe just before Christmas, he drew a simple diagram across one of the empty pages at the back of the book. Its simplicity was rather striking, as the only noticeable details included a bunch of rather uneven lines, a highlighter crossing off one of these wonky lines every time a book was finished by the boy, and a number at the top of the page, which seemed as unattainable at the beginning of the year, as anything else the boy tried without believing to be possible. Flipping the pages of this often-utilised notebook, he stopped his gaze and fingertips on this unique, rarely remembered diagram. Picking up the highlighter from the desk, one of a slightly different shade than that, with which the few lines were done before, the boy felt a quiet gasp running down his throat. He stared at the top of the page as if what his experience suggested was far from true. His mind started listing all the reasons for this fact to be a mistake, but his consciousness already knew. He was slowly coming to understand, that this situation, which in many people’s eyes was nothing out of ordinary, was nonetheless a great moment for him. It was a great moment of triumph. A moment, when the successful mind trumps the matter, which initially was far from obtainable. A moment of success. A simple pleasure. A reader’s achievement. The boy looked at the date on his watch and realised just how much his effort overwhelmed the initial expectations. Start by deciding the deadline and the goal accomplished by then, he thought, and then do little each day and see just how much you underestimated yourself…


Still struggling to comprehend the experienced emotional state, he sat down by his desk and crossed the topmost line of the fifty-two lectures planned for the year. He felt a mixture of emotions tugging on his heart from different directions. A part of him felt inspired by this achievement, which done little after the three-quarters of the year have gone by, was rather significant. But some part of him also felt empty. As if someone has robbed him of the action-inspiring emotion. As if someone gave him the medal and let him out through the back door without hesitation. Yet again, the boy became aware of the powerful quality of dedication, commitment, and goal setting, which when taken away, leaves only a sweet-sour aftertaste. Without a doubt leaving the person slightly less motivated to continue than before the achievement has been attained. Let’s see just how many books can I read in a year, he felt a pinch of motivation enticing action within his heart, fifty-two was not enough, but it was a good start…

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