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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

‘Success is when opportunity meets preparation…’

The boy entered the set carrying his two bags and a camping mat. He was wearing his everyday clothes, and the only difference was visible on his shoes, now covered in tiny, white plasters to keep the logos from the camera’s view. He looked around in awe, as his inner wish to make movies as a day job screaming from within. The set was crowded. People of all professions could be seen around him. A few men in construction suits smoked cigarettes on the side, their out-breaths of smoke twirling in an upward spiral against the trees. Two cameramen were discussing something, most likely regarding today’s shoot expectancies. A young woman approached the boy, a few other people including his friend were also going to participate as extras and invited them into the backside tent, which was their place to rest and wait for their time to play. The boy hesitated to follow the casting coordinator, as his heart wanted him to stay outside, observe, learn, and fill his mind with ideas and understanding of the job he wanted to take up in the future. He walked after the girl and soon enough, once his bags were stored safely, he returned outside to see how the situation unfolds. They were about to start filming.


The first scene took ages to film, as it usually does according to the girl who provided them with tea, and so the boy had plenty of time to learn about the dynamics of the group, and befriend one of the crew members. They stood on the side talking about working on the set, as he asked a few questions regarding her job role. I’m not supposed to be here actually she claimed, usually, I work in auditions… He nodded in understanding and expressed his wish to be able to work on the set as well, once done with his current job role. She looked at him surprised. What is your job exactly her question expressed interest and courtesy. I work at the Welsh university, organizing mass events he answered, underlining the latter to exaggerate the absurdity of the nature his job had in the times of global pandemic and lack of any social gatherings whatsoever. I see she smiled. She understood. But I would love to get a chance to work here he waved his hand, with you and others… I don’t mind what exactly that role would be at the beginning anyway… She nodded politely and looked at the white duvet of snow underneath their shoes, I could ask my office if that helps… The boy’s eyes sparked instantaneously. Do you have a phone number or emails I should use she asked. This is the moment you’ve been preparing for he heard his brain stating the truth within. What if I gave you my CV…?


Her face expressed both surprise and appraisal, as he handed her the sheet of paper folded neatly into the waterproof envelope. You’re well prepared I must say she pointed out, fair play… He felt his heart pumping at an enormous rate, his hands almost shaking from both nervousness and pride, I just think it’s good to be prepared for the opportunity… She smiled, I’ll see what I can do…

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