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Morning Laughter

Have you ever woke up laughing the boy asked his friend during one of their phone calls because I just did and the morning was pure bliss after that…

There was no doubt that the dream the boy experienced was much more fun to his subconscious than it truly, objectively was. With a burst of laugher upon awakening, he looked around stunned by the surprise of the ‘real’ world, as it usually happens. Every night our mind falls for the same trick, every night making the dream state into a real one, every night making itself believe in unbelievable he contemplated. Letting his body rest a few moments longer, he observed the feeling within. Trying to recount what exactly the dream conveyed, he struggled to fully comprehend the hilariousness of its nature. There was something about a lost child he remarked without understanding, what’s so funny about that…? He felt the drop of chuckle bursting against the surface of his ocean of awareness and rippling out in circular waves. He laughed at the situation again, prompted by the inner rationale. What better way to start a day though he remarked.


Walking into the kitchen he continued the inner dialogue, the quiet interpretation of the experience, the silent ponder. While our bodies rest, our minds cleanse themselves in the eternal stream of imagination he thought, allowing themselves for a little freedom of entertainment, unbounded by the reason and consciousness… He liked the idea. It felt relaxing to consider the inner state of sleep, as one of the inner playgrounds of thought. Feeling the wake waves crashing against the parts of his physical body, he gulped a glass of water and popped a few vitamins, before sitting down to write. Coffee can wait a second he remarked, after all, I just woke up laughing…


Thinking through this unique morning experience, the boy reflected on the science of laughter reminding himself that there are even certain classes and communities, whose sole purpose is to train and elicit healing through laughter. Amazing his awareness summarised, enriching, unique, and truly amazing… Interested in the know-how of these laughter classes, he noted down the thought on a piece of paper and allowed his mind to wander back to the page in front of his gaze. With writing like with dreaming, there are no limits and restrictions as to what can be conveyed the boy considered, it’s only the will, the way, and the imagination…


With the written piece spread across the page, he got up and started the coffee preparation, all the while listening to the inner chatter of his mind. In the mornings and the evenings, we are the closest to this mindful state of quiet he remembered a note made by one of the experts in the field of spirituality, these are the most precious times to those who are ready to listen… With the cafetiere filled up and ready to boil, the boy sat down on the couch and closed his eyes for a moment. He liked the restful state of the morning routine and the restful state of the mind untouched by the outer world just yet. A few minutes nibbled at the stiff block of time, as the phone rang. Little early for a call isn’t it the boy’s analytical mind reacted, better answer it though advised the intuition. Picking up the call, he listened in to the voice from the outer space-time of the connection. It was his friend. What’s up she asked with a sound of a smile lighting up her face, good morning! He answered, welcomed the call, and they exchanged a few thoughts before he got to share his little fun fact. Have you ever woke up laughing the boy asked because I just did and the morning was pure bliss after that… A moment of silence followed, broken by the little chuckle and the boiling echo of the coffee. I’ve not had that pleasure I think she answered, do you remember the dream…? The boy got to pour the black, scented liquid into the cup, added some milk, and sat back down smiling with the lightness of the heart. I remember a little of it he struggled to stop the chuckle, and it is not even that funny.


Once their laughing duet finally subsided, their conversation jumped onto the tracks once more. That’s beautiful though she pointed out, I bet you’re going to have an amazing day too… They smiled at one another, separated by the distance of the sea, the borders, and the meandering roads. They smiled at one another within. I think you are right he admitted, and even if just for the fact of thinking I will, I am certain it is going to be that way… after all, isn’t the outcome equal to one’s attitude…?

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