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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Whether you believe in coincidence or not, whether you think everything happens for a reason, there are moments in life, which become surprisingly powerful and alter the flow of one’s existence… and more likely than not, they happen all the time…

The boy was about to throw the ball, aiming at one of his friends. They were on the beach and the game, which he remembered from his childhood drew attention of a few friends, who joined in to see it through. The rules were fairly easy and all of them got the gist of it quickly. The sun was slowly coming down the horizon as they continued the game. In the middle of the beach, a big circle was drawn using the boy’s feet, and divided into a few parts it was supposed to resemble Earth. Each player owned a piece of land and through throwing and avoiding the ball, they were to take each other’s terrain. Whoever was the last one standing or owning the most land at the end of the game, was to be the winner. The boy enjoyed the game, seeing the sparkling eyes of his colleagues, who obviously were having fun with it as well.


The boy remembered the game from his early youth. Suddenly realising it was once played, he offered his friends a go at it and was very happy to have the chance to play it once more. Standing in that circle, sipping beer from a bottle, which definitely got a little sand all over the top, he reminisced about the time in his past, when he played it ferociously with his cousins and siblings. It was one of the games that caused a lot of drama, he was certain of that. Which game doesn’t at such a young age he thought shortly after, reasoning with the memories from his youth. Images of moments, when he used to play it outside his summer house, drew him closer to his younger self. He remembered the way his older cousin used to take all his country surface in one go, because of his long arms and when his sister would throw the ball a little to weak giving him a chance to take some of her territory. It was a great game he pondered, one of many. Thinking of all the time that passed, he continued indulging in this entertainment from his youth, which somehow, by a little luck and his memory, crept into today’s fun on the beach with friends, at the age of twenty three. We are still young he thought.


At some point during the game, an older man walked past them and stopped, looking at their running, throwing and drawing on the sand. He stood there for a while, his backpack hanging off his shoulders. His hair was grey, covered with a bucket hat, his beard signifying the age of himself. He held the backpack with his hands, sandals dangling on the sides of the bag. The boy noticed the man and smiled to him, once the next round was about to start. The man shuffled in his spot and seemed to gather himself to say something. The boy left the ball in the middle of the drawn map and the round was about to start when the old man’s voice reached their ears. You made me remember when I was that small he said, putting his hand close to his knees, smile written on his face, thank you… The boy looked at him, heart filling out with warmth and approached the man. That’s amazing sir he said. What was it called the man pondered, piko… pirko…? Piwko the boy answered, czarne piwko naprzeciwko wywołuje… He recited a little verse, that participated in the starting of each round. The man’s eyes sparkled as he seemed to remember even more. Piwko he said, yes… yes I do remember now… The boy felt how powerful the moment must have been for the man. He smiled to him and nodded his head, hope you have a great day sir! The man nodded his head, about to continue his walk along the beach, you made me remember my early youth, thank you, thank you so much…! He walked away, taking small steps in the sand. The boy observed the man, thinking of the time that passes so quickly and unnoticeably for all. It was amazing to feel what he felt, seeing the man’s eyes brighten for the remembrance of the days passed such a long time ago. He didn’t believe in coincidence and thankful for this humbling experience, he went back to the game, thinking of the amazing power of the situation he experienced. His eyes were still a little moist as they started the next round. That’s crazy he thought, truly amazing…

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