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Job Hunt

Whenever one trusts the intuition, feeling the guidance of the Universe within, one is able to experience miracles anytime, anywhere…

The boy left the flat of his friends ready for the second day of job-hunting. He recently arrived in the city, and desperate to find employment, he had no other choice but to get ‘out there’ and try his best. He had a few CVs left in his backpack, alongside his loyal writing companion – his laptop, and a few books he was reading. Choosing the direction, he thought of the dream he remembered from the midnight experiences. I was running down the street of this city with the feeling of belonging he recounted realising it was just a dream, yet it felt vividly real. He did his morning run the day before, and today, before departing on the ‘hunt’ he also trained his body with a jog down the city’s canal. He was starting to feel more and more at peace with this new environment around him, as he quickly learned the streets, key places, and geography of the city’s map. The main goal for the week was to find a job and a place to stay over the upcoming months, as he was not able to live at his friend’s for too much longer, it wouldn’t be fair on them, he concluded. He walked through the underground passage and emerged on the other side of the busy street, ready to take up the day’s task. Today is the day I get the job he affirmed quietly, or else I try again tomorrow…


Listening to the summary of a book, which conveyed the idea of getting things done and achieving goals, he walked along the row of shops and restaurants looking into the windows, as if he was trying to get a glimpse of the life within. He was not interested in the furniture, the atmosphere, the type of cuisine, or the products; he was interested in employment. Thinking of the idea, which the author suggested he revised the statement given and applied with his own choice of words - Whenever one trusts the intuition, feeling the guidance of the Universe within, one can experience miracles anytime, anywhere… He was happy to listen to his intuition today, he didn’t have any better approach to exercise anyway. Yesterday was painful enough his ego winced still hurt from the previous afternoon, today let’s take it more lightly… You’ve got nothing to lose acclaimed the higher self, you’re unemployed now, there is no way but up from here!


Walking down the road the boy looked around focused on the task, listening into his inner voice, and paying little attention to the book revised through his earphones. It was only background noise for such moments, but it was a better background noise than some intense music recital, as he was able to gain some insights whenever he would focus on what was said. Where do I go, he asked himself aloud, where do I feel I should go…? Approaching an intersection, he looked at the sushi restaurant on the other side of the street, I could work in a sushi bar, he noted, I know how to make sushi. His intention, whether conscious or subconscious, got him to approach the window and notice an advert full-time kitchen assistant needed. The boy smiled, bingo. He went inside, made the necessary introductions, and left a CV behind, noting down the place, in which the bar was located. Thank you, intuition, he whispered within, as he was walking down the street again. Let’s see how far we can go today…


There are certainly different days and different attitudes that mark our daily experiences. Some days we might feel discouraged and lazy, some days we might feel empowered and energetic. And the contrast is visible both in the physical and the empirical form. Walking down the road, the boy felt the sudden need to turn right and look at an inconspicuous, black-framed door. It was a restaurant. He gazed at the entrance for a moment, unsure whether the place is even opened, and spotted a white piece of paper stuck behind the glassed door energetic, experienced bar worker needed. He laughed at the absurd synchronicity of the moment and put on his mask, ready to go inside for a chat. I might not have too much experience with the bars he started, but I am definitely energetic. The girl laughed, a good sign, thought the boy. They talked for a few minutes, she took his CV and offered a trial shift to be done in the upcoming days any time he answered with a big smile hidden behind the white face mask. I will see you there, she bid him goodbye. Two down, four to go he counted the papers stuck between the laptop and the books. Easy…


Continuing his journey through the city he was discovering, he called a friend to have a chat, while the walking continued. Two down, but I will finish with them all before I take the break he explained, that sounds great she answered. Walking through the park he found himself needing a moment of quiet, so sitting down by one of the trees, he took off his shirt and got a few rounds of deep breathing done. It relaxed his muscles, allowed his mind to settle, and loaded his brain with serotonin, ready to continue he whispered softly. Back on the road, he listened into the intuitive dance within his heart, quickly turning into a small alley and arriving at a fancy-looking restaurant, somewhere in the city center. Waiter needed, ask inside stated the paper stuck to the window, beautiful the boy thought folding his palms together, an amazing day it is… The introduction was quick and easy, as it turned out the girl who discussed the employment with the boy was also Polish. This made the whole interaction much more informal and allowed him to relax. I’ll see about the shifts and give you a call later the manager stated waving him goodbye, sounds great – answered.


Realising there were only three more CVs to hand out the boy felt the freedom of afternoon filled with gratitude closing in. He walked out of the restaurant, turned into the main road, which led up to the Edinburgh castle, and chatting with his friend laughed about the prospect of working for a whisky shop. There is one here, he pointed at the building, while his friend joked about the risks connected to such employment, since the boy loved this type of drink, let’s see if they have a job offer. Approaching the shop, he obviously thought it to be rather unlikely. What are the chances of finding the shop with whisky, which offers a job in exactly that moment he laughed over the phone. Yet, when he stood by the door, the sign announcing employment drew his attention, no way, the boy froze, this is crazy… Leaving the documents, he couldn’t stop smiling, realising just how much his intuition of the day offered, abundance is everywhere he acclaimed. That is madness his friend agreed.


Finally, almost done with the job search, the boy stood by the pedestrian crossing, looking around with hesitation, where should I go now, he asked. Instantly, the light turned green, signalled the passage, and led the boy to approach a bar on the corner. He didn’t even laugh anymore, as he spotted the paper stuck between the signs on the door, staff vacancy. He walked in, gave his brief speech, left a CV, and assured the manager that the scars on his hands and face are not due to any fighting experiences. We will call you the lady stated, and he left the local shortly after. Wow, he sighed, I think that’s enough…


Standing in a queue for a coffee, he listened to the music playing on the speaker within the parlour. Suddenly the song switched offering one of the boy’s favourite tunes, which exploded within his heart. Thank you for this day he smiled within, thank you for my intuition, the synchronicity, the hope, and the smile that although hidden behind the material face mask, stays strong and makes my eyes wrinkle… Thank you for the abundance he took a deep breath, everything is going to be just fine…

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