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Decision Fatigue

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Would you believe if I told you that time of the day influences your decision-making the boy heard himself reciting the question within the room of his mind, would you believe…?


Trying to understand each part of the book by David Kahneman Thinking Fast and Slow, the boy realised just how difficult some reads can be. What usually took him a week to do, now was dragging for over three weeks, making him feel a little discouraged and concerned about his reading abilities. Since the beginning of the year, he’s been actively reading, trying to make the infamous challenge of 52 books for 52 weeks a reality. For quite a while, meaning until this particular piece fell into his hands, he’s been on top of the challenge, quite frankly crushing it. While starting this book, he has already read over thirty others, making it well over the half necessary to pass the halfway mark on his reading marathon. But with this one, it was different. It’s good I was so much ahead he sighed now and then while struggling through the intellectually loaded pages of wisdom, at least I can slow down now and understand it properly.


The book was unlike any other. Written by the Nobel Prize winner, compounded of hundreds of experiments, thousands of days of research, and a million pieces of information, it was a heavy read to handle. The boy enjoyed its complexity, mainly because each chapter provided more ground-breaking reflections than the previous one. The author’s aim to explain and analyse the workings of the human mind has embarked on a journey into the psychological insides of the human species. Offering examples of experimental research, data-based discoveries, and real-life experiences, David Kahneman provoked the reader to look within themselves and consider the provided information within the frames of their persona. The boy was halfway through the book when the chapter committed to one’s attention, and its limited resources were introduced. Depending on the time of the day and the level of exhaustion our decisions may vary drastically he read out and stopped.


Would you believe if I told you that time of the day influences your decision-making the boy heard himself reciting the question within the room of his mind, would you believe…? Reading about the disturbing study, in which eight parole judges were reviewing applications for parole, he had a chance to experience his worldview shifting, as the author pointed out the strong bias in decision-making influenced by the level of exhaustion and the state of mind of the judges. It became obvious that admission of one’s parole was random, as it was mainly dependent on the time, at which the application was being reviewed. That’s dangerous the boy thought. He kept on reading, feeling the arising emotions. The author quickly undermined the objectiveness of any decision maker and advised a thorough fore planning of one’s daily activities. Dependent on the time of the day, the level of exhaustion, the state of the mind, or even the most recent strong emotional experience, the decision maker was more or less likely to choose fairly, objectively, and informatively. That’s why none of the big decisions should be made in the latter part of the day the boy considered, remembering the statement from one of the success stories books, in which the author offered a glimpse into his business life. None of my major decisions and cases to discuss are to be considered or executed in different than morning - before lunch, time.


The boy pondered on the subject, looking at his daily routine presenting itself on the screen of his mind. Which of the choices and decisions can I shift for the morning rather than let my unconsciously tired mind call the shots he asked himself, which of the decisions should be postponed for the following day…?

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