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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Comedy, especially the one during a stand-up performance is much more than just a one-way monologue… it is as if the whole audience, space and the performer interact constantly creating the feel, which by the bystander, who laughs and recognises the nuances of the jokes is what comedy is all about.

The boy was sat at the table next to the stage, sipping his cold beer. He couldn’t believe his luck. Arriving a little late for the performance of his friend, who over the years became a renowned comedian, he was afraid there wasn’t going to be any place left for him to sit and enjoy his colleague’s work. Approaching the stage with one of his mates, he looked around noticing that all but two chairs are taken, and these two, which were to be filled with someone’s presence, were situated just by the side of the little stage and seemed to be unoccupied, only a person sitting next to them. There is Michael the boy’s friend said, pointing the finger at the man sitting by the very same table with two spare seats, let’s join him. They made their way through the standing crowd, meandered between the seats and tables and arrived to the table just as the first performance began. The boy smiled to his friend, who turned out to be present here for over an hour only to secure their spots, for which both arrivals were incredibly grateful. That’s so lucky the boy thought, letting his body rest on the metal, red chair, the kind which one could find in outdoor bars all over the world. Michael welcomed them both, and as they started listening to the performance, the boy pondered on the whole situation. How lucky it is to be not only a friend of the main performer but also to get such a great spot he thought in awe of the situation, it was a great idea to come here today..


First performance was quite frankly one of the weaker ones, as the comedian-to-be was obviously trying his best, doing those hard hours of embracing the pressure of public speaking and interaction with audience, who came here because of the other two, rather than to hear him speak. Bless him the boy thought, looking politely at the youngster, approximately his sister’s age, who struggled from time to time, visibly embracing the experience for the first or second time. The listeners laughed a few times, which was a good start, or at least so thought the boy and after a couple more jokes directed at the weather, political situation and a few classic adolescent troubles, the boy left the stage being granted a loud applause from the audience. The mood was great and the weather seemed to follow. The main organiser of the event came on stage and announced the boy’s friend, who was already visible at the back of the beer truck on the opposite side of the stage. Announcement came with a little joke, which landed as a loud laugh came out of the crowd and the stage was given to the main comedian of the night. Applause echoed throughout the space, bouncing of the trucks and buildings surrounding the area and quietened as the stand-up show began. The boy observed his friend with pride, seeing the professionalism, with which he performed. The jokes were funny and up to date, offering a wave of laugh each time the pun arrived. The enjoyment seemed to be on the right level and the boy experienced a few thoughts rushing through his mind as the show continued. First, he noticed that there was a few people at the front row, who seemed to have come here by mistake. Not only they didn’t laugh but they seemed to actively dislike the whole experience. He wondered why someone would decide to participate in such an event if comedy wasn’t something they enjoyed. Weird he concluded and rested his gaze at a few tables at the back, by which a group of older lads were sat. They definitely paid attention to the jokes, but their demeanour and blurry look gave expression to the high level of alcohol in their veins and lack of control over their own state of intoxication. In other words, they made a little less than a disruptive noise, constantly laughing their asses off, often before the pun was presented. This also seemed like someone completely out of place. The boy pondered on the topic for a moment and came back with his attention to listen to the jokes and enjoy his time, and it was worthy of enjoyment. Laughing is healthy and so he laughed a lot, sometimes overly, trying to make his friend satisfied with his performance. It was an amazing time, well-spent with quality experience. What a great time to be alive the boy thought, feeling his abs tense and slightly in pain due to the constant strain within his diaphragm.


The time passed and the show ended a little over an hour later, providing a moment of relief to all of those whose bodies couldn’t have taken more of the straining activity of laughter. All three of them sat at their table a little longer, exchanging views on the experience and letting the crowd flow out of the space, while they waited for their friend, the main performer, to come out and greet them. He showed up a few moments later, approaching the table with a big smile on his face, a cigarette in his mouth as he puffed the smoke out through the nose. What do you think he asked, brightening up their faces. It was great bro, a real pleasure to be here the boy answered smiling genuinely and shaking his hand. The other two complimented the show as well and paid their regards. The comedian smiled back, pondered for a moment and then waved his hand towards one of the seats where the moody group was previously sat, there was a few randomers I think… I don’t understand why would you come to a stand-up show if you don’t like comedy he started, even more so why would you sit at the front row..? They nodded their heads in agreement, trying to empathise with his suffering. It pisses me off you know he continued, because the audience definitely has input in how the performance goes, especially in comedy… And this kind of attitude just pisses me off, he puffed the smoke, leaving the cigarette in his hand, and it influences my attitude as well…

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