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An Idea of Sharing

It has been a year already, he looked at the screen, which showed the anniversary’s date, doesn’t feel like it at all… What is a year when what has been done can last through eternity…


The day wasn’t special at all. Maybe, exactly for the specialty of it, it was even more normal, mundane, simple, or ordinary than usual. Maybe that’s exactly how it feels, the boy noted, when your expectations are at their highest, the world around seems at its quietest, lowest… He pondered the subject, considering the ways in which he could share this great news with the world out there. Would they even care, he asked himself, does anyone care about anyone else but themselves really…?


It was a good question to ask, especially in these 21st-century circumstances. After all, with the world connected more than ever before, it appeared as if anything could and potentially should be shared with everyone else, at all times. But was that truly the ‘right attitude’… The boy wanted to share the great news because he believed someone out there does care. They listen to my podcast sometimes, don’t they, he reassured himself. After the conceptual ‘pat on the back’ handed over by his optimist side, he sat down in front of the screen and decided to type something up. There wasn’t much to be shared other than the essential – it has been a year since his podcast started. Period. Simple enough, he thought, but then, what’s fun about sharing that…? He reasoned whether fun should be the aim though. Being consistent about his work and making the right effort again, and again, he believed in the pursuit of his dreams. But those were his dreams – no one else’s. Why would they care….?


Hearing his ego whining again, as it recognised the futility of such feat, he leaned back on his chair and glanced at the drawing, which was stuck to the wall in front of him. Such a fun drawing, he thought, but it’s fun for me, not necessarily anyone else… It was quite obvious that sharing one’s emotions, ideas, and dreams was rather selfish. It was, after all, a way of extracting a little bit more pleasure out of each of those. It’s like those videos people share from the concerts they attend, he noted, over time these videos seem to have more value to the egotistic side of the sharer than the event itself… Even though it is a mere representation of it, like a plastic plant – empty of life.


Why would I share then, he caught himself red-handed, weary of the ego within, wouldn’t it be better to keep it to myself…? This attitude of neglect aroused an inner sensation, which filled his chest and felt like burning coal stuck against his sternum. You should share because you do care, he heard his attitude change, you should share to empower others and connect to those who do care for yourself, your podcast, and your life… The dynamic shifted. It was no longer about the logic behind the sharing that concerned the boy, it was about the feel and the pay-out that was truly deserved. He made a huge effort over a considerable number of days and at the end, which wasn’t the end at all, he was in the place, where sharing could occur. Isn’t it okay to share, he thought, with all the negativity mass media throws at us, I bet there are people who would like to hear some positivity… Isn’t that why I record my episodes, after all, he added instinctively.


He decided to reflect on his journey, without complying with what others might or might not want to hear. It was a matter of making it for himself and those who do care. I started without a certain plan, he brought back the initial impulse for recording, I was bored, stuck at home in isolation, and a little tired of just writing… I made the first season and didn’t feel like continuing initially, he noted, it was not easy to continue something that barely anyone paid attention to… I remember I promised myself to continue, so I could share these recordings with my kids one day, he chuckled, what a silly reason… But it worked. I made the first season, finished the year, and decided to take a break… It was New Year’s Eve when the idea for the second season happened, he remembered, a story of the resolutions… The boy stopped his writing. He heard his mind’s gears ticking, turning, and churning all the information, which was stored from those beautiful days spent back in his homeland. After that it just went, he realised, third season, interviews, ideas for co-operations, even the thought of creating a different one… He noticed that the emotional state of his consideration changed, he was no longer excusing himself to write about his achievement, rather enjoying the process of rediscovering what has taken place throughout his adventure. He realised just how much one’s effort pays off. And here we are, he looked around the proverbial room of his mind, 1347 downloads, 365 days, and 50 episodes later, here we are… He suddenly laughed, high-fived within his heart, and added joyfully, and we’re just getting started…

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