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before you decide to skip this monologue of a white male European, I would like to ask you to hold on for a second...


This is a message, which will resonate with you, no matter who would be the voice for it. I am just one of the billions of human beings and there is nothing special about me, apart from maybe just that, that I am one of them. One of the many. So different, yet the same…


I believe it is the same for all of us and our daily actions for the betterment of the world. We all wish to live happily, see the future in brighter colours, and go to bed with a calming sensation of a day well spent. Nothing special about it. Or maybe everything special…?

I am worried about our planet. About its future. About us. About the well-being of ours, our kids, grandkids, and so on… I am worried about the future, which I would like to see in the colours brighter than they are now. But for that, we have to do something. We have to act.

There are so many wonderful actions taken, so many great initiatives, so many ways, in which we, ordinary people, make extraordinary things come to life. We’ve conquered the seas, the mountains, the skies, and the space beyond the reach of any one of us separately. We’ve done it because we’re problem solvers, status quo challengers… We’ve achieved this because we are humans. But we’ve managed to do most, if not all of these things, particularly because of one factor. Unity. In a group, a tribe, a society, we can move mountains, which otherwise could not be pushed a meter. Our voices are heard louder when they speak in unison. Our arms are stronger when they are supported by those to our right and left. Our achievements are greater when we decide to act together and help one another in stride.


And this is why I am talking to you today. Because what our world needs is united action. Because trying to fix it with much smaller, non-cooperative units doesn’t work. Because for a major shift, the majority has to participate. I am unable to do much of it without you, the listener, walking along the path by my side.


Many different movements try to help the planet. Some decide to fight for cleaner oceans, some make efforts in stopping deforestation, some turn to plant-based diets, some simply reduce their carbon footprint. It all works. It’s all valid. But divided, it is also an uphill battle for all. Without supporting one another we come onto the battlefield with not enough force to make the change.


Would you like to see the world become greener? Would you like to see the future of your kids clear from pollution and destruction, which is currently troubling our little, big world? Our only world…

If so, share this message further, get in touch with others, and let’s make this world’s future better than it seems to be…

If you liked this story, check out the episode of my podcast, which talks about climate emergency:

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