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Expressing myself through poems I share my perspective on the world...

I share my poems daily on the @writtenbyw.salski Instagram account. 

Below you can also find pieces of writing done in the past, which are close to my heart. 

All of my texts are open for interpretation and fulfill their purpose, as long as, by reading them you get the chance to empower and enrich your own life's experience. 

Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life...

                                        ~ Picasso


Wonder what You think about it...

So she sat next to bed for that midnight talk,

Arms loose, hair up, face covered in chalk,

Taking time to choose, combine and decide,

How to, what to, which way looking with pride,

Gasping moments of pleasure through the screen in hand,

For a moment forgetting about work, day and brand,

of the phone - which like a portal gives her a way,

To reach out and be with like on that One day.​

Midnight Talk 08.01.2019

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