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Published Book

(Un)usual Stories book is my first published work. 

It consists of many stories and essays, which discuss the many aspects of my life experience. 



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'What makes us who we are, if not the experiences, people, and places we encounter throughout our lives…?'

I have published the book on Amazon, learning about the process as I went through it. 

I am happy to answer any questions and help you with yours...

About the Book

Life is full of stories.

We live them every day. Some of them linger in our minds for longer, some become momentary passengers, some fade away almost instantly... 

Each of us collects them whether we realize it or not, and each of us has plenty of them to tell...

This book is a collection of thoughts, experiences, ideas, and lessons.

A collection of stories.

You won't find many answers inside, just questions that might be worth asking. But isn't that what life is - a story with many questions and barely any answers...? 

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