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About Me

Wojciech Salski Writer

I am an outgoing, enthusiastic and driven individual, who is passionate about the creative industry and improvement of the self.

My passion for writing and creation has led me to pursue the career in media industry.

I have created a podcast, wrote a book and continue to run a blog with my stories, which I hope to be of help for those who search for inspiration to pursue their goals. 


Stories Book Cover

(Un)usual Stories


Life is full of stories. 
We live them every day. Some of them linger in our minds for longer, some become momentary passengers, some fade away almost instantly... 
Each of us collects them whether we realize it or not, and each of us has plenty of them to tell... 
This book is a collection of thoughts, experiences, ideas, and lessons. 
A collection of stories. 
You won't find many answers inside, just questions that might be worth asking. But isn't that what life is - a story with many questions and barely any answers...? 

Podcasting on Spotify


(Un)usual Stories podcast

became a platform

to share my writing

in more creative way. 

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Creative Works

I express my passion for storytelling through different media.


My creative writing blog draws inspiration from my life's experiences and observations.


My poetry is at the source of my self-expression and happens whenever the inspiration arises.


Through my (Un)usual Stories podcast I share my writing as well as my perspective on the world around me.


Filmmaking is the passion, which I have been pursuing for years.

Creative Work
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